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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ it's christmas ♪ oh, oh ♪ oh, oh ♪ oh, baby, oh, baby, please, go home ♪ ♪ >> good night, everybody!
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school children are evacuated and the bomb squad called in after a live pipe bomb is discovered at an elementary school in contra costa county. good evening everybody, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. ken wayne joins joins us now and says this isn't the first pipe bomb found in pleasanthill in the last few days. >> reporter: this is the second pipe bomb found at a pleasant hill school and now investigators are trying to determine if they are connected. >> right outside the window. and had it gone off it would
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have caused damage to the school, absolutely. >> reporter: the children were evacuated and taken to a church next door where their parents picked them up. the bomb squad was called in. >> found that it did contain an explosive inside and it was a live explosive device. >> reporter: no one was injured. police tracked down a red pickup truck and arrested three teenagers. >> we have some good leads. we have some video we're hoping to examine and determine whether or not they're involved in other crimes. >> it was frightening and i just heard it before coming here, but it does seem out of place. >> reporter: nicole becker just moved here from san francisco.
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>> a little small quiet town, the burbs, just something nice, quiet. a little scary knowing something is going on. >> reporter: police say they will be reviewing school security cameras and police also say they might be able to get fingerprints from the device found today which could lead them to the device maker. ken wayne, ktvu news. a police chase has ended with a crash and two people headed to the hospital. oakland police say it began at 8:00 when they tried to stop this black car. officers say it was reported as a stolen vehicle. the driver took off and within minutes crashed into a mazda and crashed into a fence. the driver in the mazda and the driver of the black car were both taken to the hospital. the injuries we are told are not considered life threatening. now to san francisco where we have learned the identity of
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a pedestrian that was hit and killed. the driver was hit by a white dodge truck. police say he is cooperating. paramedics were unable to revive the victim. he was 75-year-old wen. in walnut creek, crews are working at this hour to repair a broken water main. it broke in afternoon at ignacio at wiggins lane. we're told the work will begin tonight and will be done by tomorrow morning. we'll be checking into the
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construction work starting tonight. and investigators are headed to hex ka -- to mexico to investigate a crash involving riv era. >> i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. all of the fan that is have supported our family. >> the singer's california driver's license was found among the wreckage. mexican officials say depending on investigators it could take ten days to have the preliminary investigation.
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you may not have heard of rivera, but she was very popular in the latino community. >> reporter: jenni rivera was in the brink of cross over stardom. and fans tell us that they're sure that she would have won over fans. listeners have been calling in all day mourning the loss of jenni rivera. >> i saw her like a month ago. i have a picture with her. >> reporter: the d.j. says rivera's rise to fame from humble beginnings selling music at swat meets and her ability
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to talk about personal problems allows her to win over female fans. >> rivera was flown for her banda style music, a regional band sound dominated by men. her struggles as a divorced mother of five and grandmother of two endeared her to fans. >> she could have been your girlfriend, someone you could just talk to and she went through domestic violence and just all these things in her life and that's why women really related to her and really liked her because she was really one of the girls. >> this is the latest cd we just got. >> reporter: julio villa owns a music shop. he says fans have bought up pretty much everything associated with rivera. >> it started yesterday, and
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today i've been getting orders. >> reporter: and estereo sol, djs have been playing jenni rivera all day. the body of an experienced san jose kayaker was pulled from a creek in shasta county today. shelby arnold was kayaking on clear creek when her kayak capsized. a friend who was taking a photo of arnold from the shore was able to help her get free but she broke free and got stuck within some rocks. an autopsy is scheduled for later on this week. and we have new information tonight about a head on crash that killed a mother and her young son on the byron highway. the contra costa county coroner's office has identified
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the driver after margarita velazquez of bay point. she died at the hospital, her son 6-year-old dejon died at the scene. two men escaped flames and a live electrical wires in a freak accident today. the driver a volunteer firefighter knew exactly what to do to avoid electricution. >> had they stepped out normally they would have caused a bridge to the ground and probably got electrocuted. >> firefighters had to wait an hour for utility crews to cut power to those lines before they could put out the flames.
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officials say the lines belong to pg & e. another top executive has gone from the port of oakland of questionable spending of public money. ktvu's noelle walker tell us, the port finally released a report that we have been asking for for months. >> reporter: the board sat on a special session, at the end of the session they released this. two internal reports revealing funds. >> we don't typically release audit reports. >> reporter: the port's acting director tell us it's the transfer of the port to a more transparent organization. more than $67,000 in extravagant gifts might violate state and federal laws.
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that some unsubstanciated expenses were found. >> we're going to look at it. make sure mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> reporter: the internal investigation reveals misuse of company credit cards. one in houston rein a second one in minneapolis. the report does not investigate cafe juliet. >> they looked at the role of port employees and whether port employees conducted anything that violated port policies. and they determined that that did not take place. a port spokesman told me today the two men who racked up those bills have paid back
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$2,000. one of them men, quan said he's retiring, he'll get to keep his pension. noelle walker. the availability of christmas crab still hangs in the balance as bay area fishermen try to crack a deal with wholesalers. officials met today in a behind doors meeting. the boths have remained tied up for more than a week. negotiations are expected to resume tomorrow. coming up in 90 seconds, a 49er suspended for taking his personal beef to the field. >> it's not the smartest tweet in the world. >> the tweet that has fans divided. get ready for a change.
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i'm using computer models to track a temperature change in your area. ,0 music's, ready ! share the harmony... she'll be here soon ! she'll love this !
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share a sweeter welcome... hey, hola, cómo estás ? hello, hey everyone. es un pla-cer co-no-cer-te. encantada. share everything. this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. bad mouthing your boss is never a good idea especially when you do it on a social networking site. a player went online to vent and tonight he's being suspended. healther holmes talks to us and says not all postings are protected. >> reporter: posting that he was rotting away on the 49ers
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bench and hates playing on the team. frank and julie he doesn't have to worry about that anymore. >> reporter: the exgiant's running back never made a giant splash in san francisco he's had just 7 yards on five carries all year. jacobs turns to twitter. saying quote i don't understand why people are so angry at me because i want to do what i'm paid to do. >> that's definitely not a smart move. >> reporter: the post upset fans and management. >> i think he should be a big man about it and deal with it behind closed doors. >> reporter: workers can vent online and be protected under federal law. >> employees have the right to get together and discuss
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working conditions, pay, hours, safety. >> reporter: but frankel says the 1935 labor law does not protect writing. >> if it's an individual would have a complaint the employer would have the ability to suspend or fire them. >> reporter: the same day that steven jackson was fined $25,000 for sending a hostile tweet to another player. the price of posting your personal beef. >> i will only postsomething that's positive because that's what i want people to think about me as a positive person. >> reporter: now speaking of positive, jacobs was back on twitter tonight this time thanking his fans and tweeting quote i'm strong enough to get through this and i will be back. frank and julie, just probably not in san francisco. heather holmes. and coming up tonight at 10:30, a 49ers play passion off the field. we're going to take you to a red carpet event that is mixing football and art and it's all
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for a great cause. happening now, the toll plaza is getting a facelift before next year's planned opening of the new eastern span. we want to show you a live picture where work was set to start at 9:00 tonight. the plan calls if toll booth to be paint to -- to be painted the same adds the canopy span. >> i think we all need good beautiful places to live and create from. >> i think the toll plaza looks nice as it is and i would like them to spend more money on fixing the potholes on the freeway. >> reporter: the renovation could last as long as six months. work will be scheduled between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. when traffic is light. a 16-year-old boy from oakland accepted a plea deal today pleading guilty to the murder of his parents.
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moses caym aorbgs n told police he killed susan pots and kamin at their home -- moses cayman. under terms of the plea deal he will be sentenced to 25 years of life in prison. police responded to a man and woman tied and gagged in an intersection. a driver called police after spotting a man and woman bound and gagged in the street. both badly injured. >> we do have a male victim, african american, approximately
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20 years of age. the female victim is white. she is about 18 or 19 years of age. >> reporter: investigators won't describe the victim's injuries. the woman is in life threatening condition. >> hopefully when she is stabilized we can obtain more information. >> it's completely disturbing. bound and gagged. >> reporter: neighbors say it's hard to believe the violence could have happened here. police decline to say whether the two were injured elsewhere and then dropped off on this block. >> most likely they dropped them off here. because if it would have happened here and there was a car i could have heard them. >> reporter: david steveson, ktvu. a hotel maid who claims she was sexually assaulted by the
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chief of the monetary fund has received a settlement. last year the maid said khan assaulted her as she was cleaning his room in a hotel in manhattan. prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against khan sites what they called credibility issues with the maid. a strong showing in the tech sector helped drive the dow higher. nasdaq finished up eight. hewellet packered rose after news that their ceo is buying shares. singapore airlines which owns almost half of virgin atlantic said last week it was in talks with a possible buyer. shipping giant fedex said it expected today to be its
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busiest ever. the company predicted it would handle 19 million packages. the pane -- company says the boost is due to online shopping. we've had a couple of warm days around here today. today no exception, 71 was the high in oakland. 67 in livermore. the clouds start to move in. tomorrow morning you will see a bit of valley fog. we will find out in the inland bay valley. and you can see the rain starting to head our way. so a cold air system coming our way. could see some snow on bay area peaks. it's not a giant system but rain mt. forecast -- but rain in the forecast. i will see you back here in a
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few minutes. during this season of giving, the milk bank is reaching out to breast-feeding mothers for donations. the bank supplies breast milk to hospitals in 13 states. the milk is screened, pasteurized and frozen for up to a year. the executive director of the bank says breast milk has almost magical qualitities when it comes to nursing babies. what the judge said about this case that he has never seen before. an emotional reunion to celebrate a bay area man's life saving donation. >> he's my hero and he will always be my hero.
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you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. it may be more than a coincidence, in the last 48 hours two people have been
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shot on the same street in antioch. the man shot and wounded today was the stepson of a man shot and killed on saturday. both happened off highway 4 and l street. today's shooting occurred at about 10:00 this morning. a neighbor said it was a drive by shooting and he also told us today's victim is the stepson of aaron williams who was shot and killed saturday night while sitting in his car. a second person was hurt in today's shooting but did not go to the hospital. an alameda county judge today sentenced the woman who killed michelle le to a prison term of 25 years to life. the judge said giselle esteban has shown no remorse. the victim's family had harsh words for esteban outside the courtroom. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but we caught up with michelle le's brother and cousin immediately after esteban's sentencing. >> i just want people to know
10:26 pm
how beautiful and how amazing michelle was. and how much her death has impacted me. >> reporter: the judge said he had never seen such premeditated. he said esteban never show an ounce of remorse. >> we felt she never showed remorse. just stared at our family with a blank stare. it was good that he pointed that out. >> reporter: esteban killed le in may 2011 in the misguided belief that she was having an affair with her son's father. >> maybe she will never feel remorse, i can't say that.
10:27 pm
but if she did, she will show some kind of inkling of being a human being. >> reporter: she waived her rights to speak. but it was the words of michelle le's family that everybody was listening to. the mother of an organ donor honored her son today and the man he helped. >> his imagine will be added to the donate life float. when becker died suddenly after a routine sinus infection traveled to his brain his liver saved alfonzo garcia who's using his newfound life to support organ donation.
10:28 pm
>> he's my hero and he will always be my hero. i do this for his family. >> it gives me a lot of strength and it makes me want to do more. >> reporter: garcia is now a freshman at the university of san francisco and plans to ride on the donate life float in pasadena on july 4th. the joke 100% was on us. >> now the regretful disk jockeys are speaking publicly for the first time. the our world collide in san jose as a player shows his charitable side. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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new at 10:00, tonight we're seeing a whole new side of 49ers tight end vernon davis.
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matt keller is in san jose where davis is showing off his new art work at his new gallery. >> reporter: right now inside gallery 35 is by invitation only. he brought friends. 49ers teammates goldson and alex smith showed up for the grand opening of the new charity venture gallery 85. >> have you ever been to any other football player art gallery openings before? >> this is definitely a first. we're here to support him. >> he goes a long way not just on the field, off the field as well. of course i had to be here to support him. >> reporter: some of his acrylic on canvas paintings on display. >> basically vernon used paint to express his inner feelings
10:32 pm
and if you look around you, these are all vernon's paintings. >> reporter: gallery 35 is the culmination of vernon's love for art and his charity. >> i was afraid to be an artist so to reach out to these kids and let them know it's okay, it's safe to be an artist you don't have to play basketball and football to be cool. >> reporter: davis was all smiles tonight enjoying the spotlight away from the field. but how does tonight's celebration compare to his game winning touchdown catch against the saint's in last year's play off game. >> what was more exciting tonight or the catch in the play off? >> probably the play off. the catch in the play offs this is more for the kids. >> reporter: aldon smith and
10:33 pm
frank gore showed up today. and all the money raised tonight will of course go to vernon's children's charity. federal trade commission experts say certain apps can capture a child's physical location, phone numbers of their friends and more. the ftc did not specify which companies its investigating. the 1998 children's online privacy protection act requires companies get parental consent before collecting information about children aged 12 and younger. police are warning drivers not to use apple's maps app. they said people trying to get to the city of meldura have instead been directed to the middle of a huge park with scorching temperatures and no water supply. police have had to rescue distressed drivers. an apple spoke's person did not comment on this issue by says
10:34 pm
apple is working hard to fix the app. and australian djs who pranked a nurse expressed their deep regret that their prank may have triggered a nurses suicide. >> reporter: a tearful tv appearance by two radio personalities talk about the pain they felt in the wake of a hoax gone wrong. last week the dj duo called the british hospital where a pregnant dutchess of cambridge was hospitalized. pretending to be the queen and prince charles. the woman who transferred that call was found dead. it's unknown how the mother of two also a nurse died. but many think she took her own
10:35 pm
life in the wake of the embarrassing ordeal. >> not a minute goes by of what the family must be going through and the thought that we may have had a part in it, gut wrenching. >> reporter: the bosses made the call to air the recorded conversation with the nurse but the company ceo says they pushed hard for it. radio executives have terminated greg and christian's show and the pair remains suspended. they are in an undisclosed location receiving counseling. the company has put an end to all on air pranks. for the fourth time since august, a community radio has been put off the air first because of vandals, this time because of thieves. thieves broke into the wooden sheds because they broke into the transmitter. the thieves left behind valuable equipment but took two
10:36 pm
devices that charge the batteries. the radio station is raising money on their website now to replace the equipment that was stolen. 77-year-old phillip maddingly was last seen saturday working on his thug boat which was tied on meyer island. tomorrow vallejo police say plans call for using a sonar video camera to search the island for some signs of mattingly. neither scientists nor citizens could figure out why hundreds of large squid have been beached. they arrived in the area in 2000. marine biologists are not sure why because the squid usually live in warmer water. experts warn about eating the dead squid because no one knows how or why they died. there was a similar stranding
10:37 pm
back in the shores of pacific grove in october. the voices of facebook users was not strong enough. >> i mentioned rain on the way. i will let you know exactly when it gets here. we'll run that model right through your afternoon and into your wednesday. >> new information in the killing of the couple from the east bay. what we know about the shooting while their 4-year-old was just a short distance away. bn n
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ a bold crime at a sunnyvale donut shop. the thief wrapped the chain around the atm and pulled it right out of the store.
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the atm fell into pieces and the thief got away with the cash. investigators are looking at near by surveillance video in hopes of identifying those responsible. it was at about 12:45 sunday morning when police responded to reports of shots fired near powell and market and found the 4-year-old girl in the apartment. police say she is now in protective custody as they search for leads into the killing of her parents edgar compano and &% c 1 - - and blanca argueta. >> we're looking to get the public's help in this. it was a horrific crime. >> seven people have now been killed in san pablo so far this year. in news of the world
10:41 pm
tonight, in afghanistan, the head of the safety department was shot five months after she was voted into office. philippine officials say 115,000 homes were destroyed. the typhoon made land fall last tuesday packing maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour. and in norway tonight celebrations are under way after the european union was awarded the noble peace prize for promoting peace and human rights in europe. the award is not without its critics. some say the eu contradicts because it relies on military
10:42 pm
force. after seven days of balloting it seems that users lost the ability to vote on policy. voter turn out needed to be at least 30% to keep the policy in place. fewer than 700,000 votes were cast instead of the 300 million that were needed. facebook is expected to make an official announcement sometime tomorrow. it didn't take long for twitter to get over its break up with instagram. which allow instagram photos to be views on twitter. you can still include an instagram message on those pictures. when to expect rain coming up in your complete bay area forecast. >> a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app.
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some republicans are now -- some believe there are only a few days left now to hammer out a deal. >> reporter: these grannies and others were raging in palo alto on this national day of action, at republican leaders. >> i don't believe for a moment that we need to take services or benefits away from those receiving social security, medicare or medicaid. >> reporter: their chance to tax the rich more to avoid going over the fiscal cliff
10:46 pm
echoed that of the president today. >> what you need is a package that keeps taxes where they are for middle class families, we make some tough spending cuts on things that we don't need. and then we asked the wealthiest americans to pay a slightly higher tax rate. >> reporter: some republicans now urging their party to give the 39.6% tax rate he wants on those who make more than $250,000. so the gop might get changes to social programs. >> toward 16 trading debt is it responsible to keep borrowing money and never address why you're in debt in the first place. >> reporter: some analysts say the deal needs to be hammered out by this thursday to be finalized by the end of the year. the president and the gop were silent and that's considered a positive sign. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now a new poll
10:47 pm
suggests that americans favor raising taxes on the well to do and large corporations. 60% of respondents support raising taxes on household that is earn more than $250,000 a year. and 64% want to raise taxes on large corporations. that's according to the politico george washington university battleground poll. officials are about to launch a new lifeline program that will put free cell phones in the hands of the homeless. if homeless people don't have phones they may not know when their names come up for housing or if an employer wants to contact them. the program officers phone services for a few dollars a month if you have a land line. the program will likely win final approval in the next few weeks. meantime homelessness is decreasing in the u.s. with a 20.7% drop in california last
10:48 pm
year. but california has the highest amount of homeless. about 20.7% are in california. 33,000 californians are chronically homeless and 16,000 are veterans. san francisco landlords may soon have to give potential tenants a list of units where smoking is allowed. a board of supervisors committee approved the legislation today and sent it to the full board for consideration. it's aimed at cutting down on disputes between neighbors about secondhand smoke. the committee also voted in favor of banning smoking at certain street fairs and festivals. the pittsburgh planning commission is scheduled to consider whether to implement a permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city -- the pittsburg planning commission is scheduled to consider whether to implement a permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the
10:49 pm
city. and what we will see late tonight is valley fog showing up in the inland bay valleys. not as much as you might expect. there's enough wind out there enough mixing that it won't be too widespread. but it's out there. overnight lows are going to be cool. temperatures about 40 in vallejo, 39 in napa. taás -- that's about where the dewpoints are. look for a little patchy fog. tomorrow is not a bad day we start off with the fog it's dry. as we get into tomorrow evening and afternoon the clouds increase and here come this is low pressure center with some cool showers. this is a cool weather system. as it heads our way we're looking for temperatures to be not in the 60s or 70s but into the 50s as we head into the next several days. here's the computer model, that's your commute. your afternoon commute. not wet yet. here comes the system. is it a big one. just not that big a deal.
10:50 pm
that's light rain, sprinkles. maybe wipers on the lowest setting on something like this. up here by sacramento. that might be a brief moderate rain shower. here we are at 9:00 p.m. that sets the tone for your morning commute. 8:00a.m. when most of us are in the car or most of us are driving to work. just widely scattered sprinkles as we get into the morning commute on wednesday. looks like it mainly starts at 8:00 tomorrow and we clear out rapidly on your wednesday afternoon and your thursday. your forecast highs tomorrow, your 50s, low 60s not as warm as today but a nice day. 67 in gilroy. that's one of the warm spots. in the five day forecast, there's showers late tuesday into wednesday. and your five day forecast your weekend is going to pop into view. the weekend looks okay. not bad for this time of year. we've had a nice run, boy i tell you. it's going to come to that. the thing you will notice the
10:51 pm
most julie and frank, temperatures the overnight lows and daytime highs we get down the road. much cooler. instead of 70s we're talking 50s. >> that was amazing today, thank you bill. bay area fans and single justin bieber got an early christmas present today. the teen pop star announced the concert next june at hp pavilion in san jose. bieber performed to a sold out crowd in arco arena in oakland back in october. tickets for next october are set to go on sale this friday. >> i can already hear my kids saying, dad. >> christmas gifts. >> yeah. and we're going to look at
10:52 pm
the nhl lock out.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
it is shaping up to be a disappointing holiday for fans of the national hockey league. today the nhl wiped out all games through december 30th. so far negotiations have failed to reach a new collective bargaining agreement between team owners and players. some people suggest this latest cancellation of just two week social -- two weeks is a sign of hopes that the season might begin if january. despite the lock out the san jose sharks held their annual holiday party for low income
10:55 pm
families. the players were not in attendance because of the labor dispute. but shark showed up in his santa suit. who would have thought that at this point in the season the warriors would be half a game out of first place. >> no hockey but in the meantime there's baas -- basketball. the warriors are getting in a pretty heady position. walker flies in for an acrobatic two. it was a bench pleaser and the eighth straight game in which curry has scored 20 or more. and lee pulled down 11 rebounds as the warriors ran up 11
10:56 pm
points in the first quarter. jeff taylor tries to stay with curry here. the warriors win and own the respect of a charlotte executive by the name of jordan. warriors improve to 14-7 over all. tonight's monday night football match up between the texans and patriots was supposed to be a pairing of two of the nfl's elite teams. only one of them looked the part. tom brady threw four touchdown passes, two to hernandez. even when things didn't go right they did. brady to danny woodhead. watch as the ball gets punched out only to have it recovered by lloyd. they improve to 10-3 with a 42- 14 win. the next challenge for the 49ers is those same new england patriots at gilette stadium next sunday followed by a road game to seattle.
10:57 pm
between now and then they will want to look at their efficiency. they were slow getting that done yesterday against the dolphins and were forced to prematurely burn their time out. it was something jim harbaugh addressed in his weekly conference. >> we need to be better at that. that's happened before. and we just have to, just like your pop warning coach would tell you, call the play, get huddle and make the play. jacobs has been suspended for the rest of the season after a successful in a game. he spent most of the year inactive on game days and made a series of social media posts complaining about that. making team issues public is not a way to endear yourself to this 49er regime. it's an all too familiar story for fans in san jose
10:58 pm
state football. build your team from the ashes and lose your coach to a bigger program with more money to spend. mcinentire the the latest. mcintire took the san jose university to the military bowl. it was colorado that came calling offering a five year contract. mcintire will have to do another turn around job there. they had the worse season, the worse since 1988. >> what a bummer for san jose state. thank you for joining us. >> our morning news starts at 4:30. they will be following construction at the toll plaza.
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look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.


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